Trust Fund Project

Welcome to Vitcore Community Trust Fund Project

Since 2021 I researched an investment strategy to leverage the profits from the marketing training fees and the new technology sales for investing in launching new products designs, and in a Charity Trust Fund Project.

The Vitcore Community buyers and marketing interns is growing periodically. And, as CEO – Alin Stefan Stan (Stefan for my collegues and friends), I have created an investment strategy in cryptocurrency auto-farming. Furthermore, I planned a series of webinars with my interns to grow the Vitcore brand reputation.

Vitcore Community Social Responsability

Indeed, as CEO of Vitcore Community I have my own voice in saying to all; what this brand should be if our best chances are with us. The CSR (Community Social Responsability) is growing as I see, since, I am meeting new friends in the proximity of my actual community from United Kingdom, and the cities involved in my ethos. So, the small group of interns with me the CEO; we are integrating a methodology researched by me at my Master in Advertising and Public Relations, which remained unpublished because of my fears for the COVID19 health issues.

We will create an immersion of our personal and professional cultures. To research the behaviourism patterns of small groups that could respect an arch-type of our mission goals. To love the people, and to help them studying the continuity of our mission for them. The investment strategy of our Trust Fund Project is based on automations and cryptocurrency investments named auto-farming. The returns of our investments are big, and this why we expect from you an open desire to enter our project as Vitcore CSR stakeholders. And, to support the positive Inception of a new Charity Project for the United Kingdom Community. In conclusion, we are looking for launching a new website that will explain our mission goals, and principles to the friends of our friends.

Club Des Amis Charity and Events for our Friends of our Friends from the United Kingdom and abroad

Club Des Amis Charity and Events website pages will be designed around the starting of December with a small campaign to for Community Social Responsability. The funds, will be covered 99% from the Trust Fund Project created for the stakeholders of Vitcore community. So, we developed a strategical investing project, that will give back to the community our positive vibes, and a semnificative amount of money for food, clothes, and other type of helping resources destined to go to poor people from the United Kingdom.

How Bill Pope would say.. I am looking for this type of man!

Bill Pope And The Vitcore Marketing Team Type
Bill Pope And The Vitcore Marketing Team Type. And, I think he reffers to Elon Musk in this picture!

The social media influencers grants

Furthermore, the trust fund could offer 1000 GBP/month grants to Social Media Influencers who can contribute for real at our Trust Fund research and development. What Influencers should do to receive this grant? Do sells, and grow the number of stakeholders from our Vitcore Trust Fund community. Create youtube videos, and spread the word! It is simple to grow an online commmunity if you know that we can help you do it with our support!

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