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Welcome to one of the best journals of Business Intelligence for small companies. So, we do branding for industrial technology products. And, our Marketing team will offer you montly monitoring reports, for growing your online activity within performant automations. Hence we will work for your business. And, we want to watch your company presence growing in social media and on your LinkedIn pages.

We work as a marketing agency for our clients

We opened the Vitcore Marketing Agency in 2021 with the dream to offer our services to other companies, which wants to develop similar eCommerce businesses. And, to have access to our SEO backlinks resources. So, we have created a special Business Intelligence Monitor Book for marketing assistants, who needs our helping to research and promote their companies.


The price of our marketing services is fixed

We found it important to offer a standardised price for our marketing services. So, our business Intelligence reports includes this main services: PR news, Press Releases, Promotional Articles with backlinks for your websites, SEO & Social Media Analysis. Indeed, we study a lot your brand and your competitors. And we do benchmarking of all your company results with your competitors.

The chance to build a powerfull group of companies within a marketing service that was never build before

The companies which are creating groups of extensive interests for PR have more success than any other companies from the world. Because, being member into a business organisation like as Vitcore Marketing Agency you will have the benefits of having third-party employers working for you at low pricement. In conclusion, we target clients from different niches to help them to understand better their advertising strategy within our tools of market research and publishing inside news.

Building LinkedIn Networking and mentions for your company

We observed that many news on LinkedIn become important after a company was mentioned in a third-party article. This method is named journalism. And, our marketing agency membership will offer you this service. Right now! So, do the next step. And pay your membership fee to become our client now!

Secret reports about your niched industry

We have a special secret report section of articles for your niched industry named IARU(International Advertising Research Unit). So, you can read these articles only if you are member of our clients community. And, other real benefits were described for you above.

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