FaceMeta Education Strategy Investment 2022

FaceMeta Education Strategy Investment 2022

Vitcore Trust Fund Tokens Investments offers education strategy for crypto traders. So, you should read my advices about how to invest and to earn 100%- 200% from your staking per year. First of all you must have access to a Binance DeFi wallet and a Trust Wallet to make deposits and withdrawals trough in Binance Smart Chain. And, then after you setup your Binance app and Trust Wallet you will see that in the Trust wallet you have a special sections named DApps.

Additionally, here you can find the Pancake Swap app and swap your BNB purchased from Binance with FaceMeta and stake them into Pancake Swap Liquidity Pools. Furthermore, the strategy of your new investments will be explained next in my article.

How to invest in FaceMeta token in 2022

Officially, I bought the first FaceMeta tokens in 2021. So, I made a really good deal at a good price. And, still it is great if you have a few hundreds to invest in this token. Furthermore, you can think at having an investment strategy as I did. Be sure you have access to Binance App on your smarphone. And, you already secured your wallet. If you are new on Binance than you can click on my link and create your new account now. Next step is to install the Trust Wallet and create your first DeFi wallet that have a great section of DApps secured by Binance Smart Chain.

Create Liquidity Pools on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap it is a popular exchange with their own token, today price estimated at $11.53. And, it will grow. I swaped (exchanged) my first FaceMeta here on PancakeSwap (I cannot offer you a refferal link, but you can find the GameFi app on the Trust Wallet Dapps section).

Indeed, is complicated. So, stay relaxed and read again the article making a draw or a scheme with the steps you should do to find the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pools. Because, if you educate yourself about it is simple.

  1. Install and create your first account on the Binance app.
  2. Install Trust Wallet with confidence.
  3. Copy the Binance Smart Chain address from your Trust Wallet.
  4. Go on Binance and buy around $100 Binance and withdraw them to your Trust Wallet Binance Smart Chain address copied sooner. Wait 30 minutes at check your Trust Wallet for the received funds.
  5. Open DApps section. Search for the PancakeSwap app. Swap for $45 of FaceMeta or FACEMETA, is the same thing. Now you should see the new tokens number value in your Trust Fund wallet.
  6. Enter again on the PancakeSwap- DApps section from your Trust Wallet. And, see that near the swap section you have Liquidity Pools section, and down the page, the Create New LP (it means that you will bond the FaceMeta and the BNB left in your pocket $45, minus the $10 you do not need to spend them).
  7. Choose the tokens FACEMETA and BNB for your Liquidity Pool and create it. After these systemic steps you will start to earn from every trade made by all the users on PancakeSwap on these two Tokens.

The next level of your investments for the FaceMeta tokens that you will earn

This is something that should happen in a few months, but you can add more BNB on your wallet and give more speed to your FACEMETA earn stake. How? Read more. FaceMeta Education Strategy Investment 2022.

I decided to buy more FACEMETA but how? I have some Shiba Inu 15 millions and ELON 110 millions at a total value of $700. I will wait for a good value high and withdraw them from my Crypto.com wallet and make all the steps explained above to invest more in FACEMETA in an advanced way.

Creating Liquidity Pools on PancakeSwap with new LPs such as (1) FACEMETA/SHIBA, (2) FACEMETA/ELON, (3) FACEMETA/SAND, (4) FACEMETA/ALGO, (5) FACEMETA/MATIC, (6) FACEMETA/SOL, and others. So, I have 6 or more LPs to add them to my new Liquidity Pools.

In conclusion, my Trust Wallet will start to receive fees in all these Tokens every minute, each day for the rest of my life, which will be long and happy starting from now. Furthermore, the expected ROI (Return Of Investments)  will be around 100%- 200% per year.

If you also have a job, and you can invest around $500 every month in new LPs on PancakeSwap than you are an excellent investor. So, in a few years 5 to 10 you can be a rich investor and to start your own capital movements in your life. Until, let me see you happy that you read my article.

Happy New Year, and say hello to the new 2022 year!

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