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What are the terms and conditions in the Elite Affiliates Casting Call To Action

Instagram and Youtube influencers have liked our Call To Action. We like selling on Amazon, and eBay but the best marketing strategy is the affiliates networking. Indeed when you create a new community you need terms and conditions which are the foundation of our peer groups.

The most important terms and conditions for our Elite Affiliates are the acceptance of doing promotions on your social media channels with the suggested video ads, and products offered within our giveaways. Indeed, these hosted promotions made by you must engage two types of audiences: a) other similar techy-nerdy influencers and b) buyers of consumer electronics and accessories. So, keep your money profits rising by doing these two circular activities.

Why you should join Elite Affiliates instead of Amazon Affiliates or other marketing networks

We offer something more shared profits per product sale than Amazon Affiliates and other marketing networks because we are a new shop with big reasons for offering bigger rewards. So, if you do 2000 referral sales in one month through your networking then you earned at least $2000. Remember this should be a part-time activity of 1-2 hours per day.

How you can create a network of 1000 Elite Affiliates and how many sales you can generate per month with them

Creating a big network is the secret of big marketing sales. And, you can generate more than 10.000 referral sales per month with 1000 Elite Affiliates. How? Simple. If you already learned to promote what is new and cheap for your customers. Mostly all the buyers will accept to buy from you a product that costs less than $50. Why? Because is cheap and they want to take small risks.

Ask yourself all the time these questions: What, Why, Who, When, Where, How they will buy. Because these questions are essential in the consumers market of all the types of products. And, essentially remember to smile all the time.

One of the top strategies in sales is to smile. If you have already a big Instagram channel of at least 50k followers you can request one of our free products and start creating videos for your channel. Add to your video bio the referral link to your sale funnel and your marketing Elite Affiliates team. Let them know you are recruiting new Associates and they can have a similar free product like yours.

Indeed, this qualifies you for being accepted as an Elite Affiliate and a future co-host of our new Youtube channels.


One of our favourite products to send for your video promotions will be this new unique blender with a portable cup.

If you want other free products for your video promotions then you just need to send us a message after you registered as an Elite Affiliate member.

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