Dropshipping on Tik Tok Seller

Dropshipping consumer electronics on Tik Tok Seller might be possible since 2022

I have written that it might be possible to drop ship consumer electronics on Tik Tok because I just had created the shop there. Is simple and takes 1 day to be approved without problems.

How is working with creators on Tik Tok?

Is extremely easy but you must insist with them because they are amateurs too and they do not know too much about this new Tik Tok Seller/Affiliate program like you maybe. So be patient. They will respond if you offer them free samples.

What commission to choose for the affiliates?

I chose a 25% commission because I want to be generous and to drive sales maybe to attract some investments soon. I wish you good luck!

If you want to join my Affiliate Training then create your account here on this page ( PC desktop recommended). Click here!

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