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Do remote internships

Do remote internships

Because no one asks you to make coffee!

I was browsing on the net when I came across a hilarious meme. It read, “Best of luck on your
internship here and on getting me a coffee right now.” I definitely had a good chuckle at that.

I am not the typical intern, simply because I have 10 years of full time/permanent work
experience. Additionally, I am well in the early thirties. I cannot imagine making anyone any

That’s why I am happy to intern at Vitcore Electronics, whose headquarters are in the United
Kingdom, while I sit comfortably in my home in Swakopmund, Namibia which is in Southern

I have been working in the technology sector and that is why the opportunity to intern at Vitcore
Electronics is ideal for me because Vitcore Electronics is a leading electronics shop that
embraces modern technology.

In the current business environment, research and digital marketing are essential skills to
possess in order to succeed in business.

Here are some notable reasons why:

  • Digital marketing: with globalization, marketing can no longer be confined to one geographical
  • Research and business development: without adequate market research it is safe to say one’s
    business may be set up for failure.


My name is Paulina N. Moses: Masters of Business student and current remote marketing intern
at Vitcore Electronics. Furthermore, I am member of these LinkedIn groups:

1) YALI Network

2)Social Media Marketing Group

Please join my LinkedIn groups! And, subscribe to our Vitcore Technology News blog!

Thank you for reading.

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