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Do Money From Everything

Do Money From Everything And Do Not Loose Time Thinking

Do money from everything sounds like a future best sellers book for marketers. And it could be a topic already published by many authors! My point of view is strictly professional, for the digital marketing specialists! Because, I share the experience of many years in advertising research. So, now I see the digital marketing sphere, like as a circle of creativity and trust.

You need to stop loosing TIME

Overthinking is too much when you do marketing. And creativity is the main tool that created engagement. Indeed, I trust those people that are creative with each other. Because, the creativity equals the honesty. And, I have tried while I was researching the advertising strategy to find jobs, that will help me to do money. Clearly, I failed because I was too honest with my employe, and sometimes too creative. Making them thinking that I am stealing other people ideas. I had not stealed nobody ideas. Surely, I just tried to research my ideas with methods of big book researchers, top of the shelters!

Find people in similar need and start sharing your creativity and thinking methods with them

And, start doing money by sharing your ideas in social media, newsletters or private networks like as me. Clearly, I wanted from the beginning to have my own social network. And, to start doing sales inside the network. Maybe, I succeeded. Because, now I have 14 guest on my Microsoft Teams learning channel. Indeed, a few are active. And, they are looking to find answers about digital marketing. Surely, I try to offer them all the knowledge I have. And, to engage with them on social media and in our Learning channel. So, I feel confident that a team of marketing could do money online better than a simple blogger! And how?

Choose some DO MONEY methods and test them together

I am thinking at what could be the best way to do money online! And, I choose Affiliate Marketing, and Multi-Level-Marketing as a ONE STRATEGY to go with it. My Vitcore Marketing Agency team will do money from advertising our Events, Learning Classes, eBooks, and the Consumer Electronics sold from our store. How? By writting articles, and sharing them to social media. There is no better way. But sometimes, I do paid advertising campaigns of the best articles series to help my content associates. By growing their career opportunities!

Grow your chances to start a succesfull career in digital marketing and online sales

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