Casting Talented Women Influencer For A New Youtube Channel

Casting Talented Women Influencer For A New Youtube Channel


Vitcore Electronics standards become universal for many buyers. And, we decided to move forward and create our first Youtube channel for celebrating our marketing knowledge upgrades. The new partner must be a new talented women influencer, who wants to learn more about the world of online advertising.

Since we had have became masters of many electronics categories, such as Laptop Accessories, USB and HDMI Cables, Smartphones Accessories and others; we have decided for moving our interests to Youtube entertainment too. The casting will be organised as a marketing gaming competition.

So, we will launch a Talent Casting during the summer time for a new Youtube Channel. The casting fee is mandatory. And, is a low payment of $9, around 6 GBP, or 7 Euro. Is nothing compared with the benefits of participating into this Youtube project. But, the rewards for your success are much bigger. Join Elite Affiliates. Click here!


What do you want from yourself now?

If you want a life that others have, than you come in our casting talent pool now. The rewards and the learning are exceptionally designed for your needs. The first talented women who will succeed for achieving the recruiting goals will return home winner. And, all the prizes and money will follow you.


Rewards for talented women influencers who joined our Elite Affiliates casting series, for our first Youtube channel.


How the casting thresholds are organised?

We tought at three major steps for the casting candidates. In direct line for winning the role you must do these creative measures to work perfectly for you and us.


#Step One. Register in our Elite Affiliates agenda. Create and schedule 10 posts daily on your Instagram and Tik Tok promoting our casting. Share your affiliate address.

Important! If you have a number of followers bigger than 500k than we will offer you directly a Mistery Box with mighty gadgets from our shop for testing them live on your social media.

Read again. You must become a verified registered member of our Elite Affiliates group. And, to verify your channels identity with shared posts of our casting promotion.


#Step Two. If you are a small women influencer or a marketing team that wants to start producing an Youtube series made by our Safari& Guerilla market researcher, than you must proove your skills, individually or in a team.

Learning never ends. Creating 10 to 50 posts promoting our talent casting campaign. And, recruit in your Elite Affiliate account at least 50 Elite Associates. Because, you will do digital tokens. Which can be used for receiving mighty Vitcore gadgets for future promotions.


#Step Three. Learn more about your roles. Our talent campaign is like as a selling competition. So, you must proove your selling skills as apprentices. And, create your own marketing team of sales.

In conclusion, if you succeed to create a network of 300 Elite Associates, than you will become principal Moderator and Entertainer of our first Youtube channel.

In totally, our rewards are totally awesome. Mistery Box with mighty gadgets on Step Two, plus, an Youtube blogger kit in Step Three. And, all the profit bonuses from sales will be absolutely over you!


You will have the perfect part-time job ever, and a lot of new fans and followers on your all social media channels. Learning benefits. And, awesome companionship from our producer talent manager.

Alin Stan. I made myself 35 years old man. Living in the UK. Join the casting competion and Elite Affiliates now!


CEO Jobs In Vitcore Electronics Shop
CEO Jobs In Vitcore Electronics Shop

Follow me on Twitter @Alin.Stan_CC

We have the Youtube idea. Is a secret until we meet our talented women influencer and winner of our competition. And, the direction of the new Youtube show series will be give it by this clue.



How much money you can do with Youtube and social media today?

Basic maths you should know about reselling electronics mighty gadgets online trough in Elite affiliates networking. The profit is great. If you refer 1000 sales per month you can earn $1000 alone. If you reach the higher role and recruit 300 Elite associates with similar power and needs like as you, than do your math again. $300.000 per month from refferal sales. Is magic.

Is a great development opportunity for all

Mission goals:

  • We will launch a new secret Youtube channel for the winners of the casting competition.
  • We target a large audience and we trust all our marketing growth on Elite Affiliates spending ZERO money on paid-advertising.
  • We are investing in the design of our own marketing gaming software for broadcasting social media content on all major channels.
  • We are investing in cruptocurrencies mining and NFTs collections.

How to invest all your money made within our Elite Affiliates multi-level-marketing campaign?

Doing $300,000 is a big dream that only the best marketing specialists in the world can complete it. But how to invest all these money in safe capital and drive more success in your life?

Youtube publishing offers a lot of rewards for their Creators. Investing in your own education is important. Join marketing Masterclasses. And, travel a lot around the world. Taking with your the new electronics products that we offer you freely.

Advertise continuely the new products. Create reviews. Compare the the market results. And, share link addresses for recruiting new Elite Affiliates. And, in 10 years of part-time development you will become a Legend.

Cryptocurrency investment. Will work for you. Is the safier investment for long term. Many become millionaires over just one year of staking. And, there are many other ways for joining the millionaires club of Youtube bloggers. Join our casting and start your own marketing lead compound.


Thank you,

Alin Stan, CEO and Creative Manager @Vitcore.Electronics

United Kingdom

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