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Career Transition

Career Transition: A Solution

Career Transition can be a solution for many people. Ofcourse, it was a boom for me. I started my career as an IT professional. By joining a big MNC. Initially, I got training in networking and security. Later, I maintained firewall networks for a client. Enjoying the learning and challenges. However, things started to change after a year. The learning slowed down. Which made me demotivated. Making me feel stagnant in my career. Also, the lack of interest in work affected my personal life. I desperately needed a change in my career.

Changing career

On analyzing myself, I realized what was missing in my work. Throughout my life, I have been a creative person. Learning and growing makes me happy. Using the creativity to come up with unique solutions. This was lacking in my IT job. So I decided to move into sales. Hoping to develop my creative skills. And enjoying my work. Therefore, I joined an adventure travel company. Generating leads by meeting new people everyday. And closing sales deals. However, there were many challenges. Which needed to be tackled.

Tackling the Challenges

One of the challenges was to start from the scratch. Applying for entry level sales jobs. Ofcourse, there are internships like as the one offered by the Vitcore Marketing Agency- asked me to join. And start learning the skills. Additionally, starting a new career takes courage. Including initiative and commitment. And it also takes time. Gradually becoming better and better. There is no shortcut to a career transition. Consistently, I had to adapt to the new work environment. Besides, the decline in income is inevitable. But, things change. After years of struggle, I made it to excellent job. Enjoying my work and making good money.

Vitcore Marketing Internship

I have now started a marketing internship with Vitcore. Getting ready for a new journey. And learning new skills. Something that makes me happy. Vitcore marketing internship is an amazing opportunity. Giving you a platform to transition into an expert digital marketer. Alin Stefan Stan. Teaches us all the fundamentals of digital marketing. Including advanced topics like SEO. Besides, giving an opportunity to earn as well. Changing career can be a daunting task. However, an internship like this can make the journey quite smooth and easy.


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