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Become a Seed Investor: Binance Tips

Become a Seed Investor: Binance Tips!

I prepared a short guide to become a seed investor: Binance tips, for cryptocurrency stakeholders. So, be prepared to change your life. Certainly, our marketing team interns will offer you many articles for researching the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chains.

You must have 600 euros to 2700 euros funds for investing in creating our new Vitcore Corporation Token in partnership with other investors. Further, read how to start working with our Teams!


Attention; this project is for people between 18 and 35 years!


What are your roles:

– Stake 600 Euros to 2700 Euros in what we will name it: Vitcore Trust Investment Fund Tokens.

– Represent our Vitcore Electronics Hub, publish articles, videos and social media posts about your new Seed Investment project.

  • Learn how to become a small social media influencer from our Internship!

– Do market research, and advertisement campaigns for our business to find new partners of what we will create soon.


Question & Answers

What type of person you should be to join our project?

Be decisive, a revolutionary mind to take investment decisions by your own. Attract people to follow you on social media, and develop new systems of creative thinking to challenge Influencers, and Journalists to follow you from an early age.

What you should do to join this project as Seed Investor?

You should have an Investment Pot of Money to invest for 1 year in a Collective Staking Deposits in crypto farms together with our team of Seed Investors.

When you can ask to receive back you money?

Certainly, after 1 year you can ask us to transfer or withdraw your investment and the profits to your Digital Wallets. We do not ask you to delay this time for no reasons.

How much money you can do as Seed Investor in our Crypto Farm?

Indeed, is a high risk investment and you could lose your money, but there are 90% chances to have back 300% from your Investment Pot. So, if you invest 2700 euros you can have ROI expectations of 8100 Euros. In conclusion, this is not bad at all!

Further plans on

We are a serious start-up project, and if you will stake with us your investment money than you can become our shareholders after the ICO will be releases on!

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