Awesome Industrial Fanless Computers

Awesome Industrial Fanless Computers

I choosed to promote in our Vitcore Electronics Shop these Industrial Fanless Computers because are one of the best in the world for their quality and prices. Hence, they used Intel Chipsets for their fabrication.

Intel chipsets in Vitcore Electronics Shop

The benefits of the Aluminium radiator for the Industrial Computers

Hence was created an Aluminium design for their radiator, I can say that this Intel Computer is the Tesla model of the Fanless Computers. Because of the same Aluminium material used in their design. What is more to say about it? So, be convinced by this quality by yourself testing and buying this product right now!

Fanless Industrial computer made from aluminium
Fanless Industrial computer made from aluminium makes it safe from magnets, and easy to carry everywhere.

Maybe this is the perfect watch dog for your organisations. Please click here to visit the product page and for buying it! And our Facebook page @Vitcore.electronics

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