Arkisys Space Infrastructure Buy Shares

Arkisys Space Infrastructure Buy Shares

Arkisys is building one of the first commercial robotic orbiting platform destinations to provide space infrastructure as a service for science, manufacturing, and commercial business activities. Their first product, The Port, is designed to open up space for any size business, organization, or individual to explore on, with affordability and ease of access, accelerating innovation in space.

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Deal Highlights

  • Awarded up to $17.7M contract from the US DoD Defense Innovation Unit
  • Letters of Support from New Zealand MBIE (oversees their Space Agency)
  • 4 LOIs signed, 7 MOUs for collaboration, & 7 clients onboarded
  • Unveiled first generation orbital outpost spacecraft element

What problem is Arkisys seeking to address?

Despite the large and growing number of companies that require space data and related space infrastructure to conduct business operations, to Arkisys, it seems that the space industry is still largely unattainable for small and mid-sized businesses or organizations.

To solve this, they have created and designed “The Port” as a platform to support global entrepreneurial business development in space at the lowest possible cost to encourage accelerated innovation. The Arkisys Port plans to support organizations with scalable rapid prototyping, new payload and technology testing, assembly and integration. They aim to allow any new businesses to test, experiment, build, and fly reusable space platforms and vehicles as quickly as ninety days from order.

Do you think this is usefull for our earth space economy?

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