Another Star in Metaverse: Microsoft Mesh

Here’s Another Star in Metaverse: Microsoft Mesh

Metaverse turns out to be the most popular keyword. Everyone is talking about Meta or Roblox. However, one of the most contributed companies is Microsoft. Today, I’d like to lead you to understand more about the metaverse in Microsoft!

When it comes to office software, you might think of Microsoft Office or Teams. Microsoft is the best partner for many companies in today’s world. However, Microsoft isn’t delighted with its performance yet. So this company also put effort into innovating metaverse, which is HoloLens and Microsoft Mesh!

What is Microsoft Mesh?

It is a Mixed Reality(MR) platform, a mix of physical and digital worlds. As a result, people can experience without being limited by screens. One example is the AR filter on Instagram.


Venn diagram showing interactions between computers, humans and environments

The concept of MR (Source: Microsoft)


Microsoft Mesh can benefit the business to achieve better collaboration, especially for the pandemic situation after 2020. The platform could provide businesses with a ‘face to face’ but the safe working environment. The company also expects to combine Teams and Mesh for building a more convenient virtual workplace.


What Can Microsoft Mesh Do?

  • Animated avatars enable employees to interact with each other through dynamic avatar representations.
  • Interactive virtual meeting provides a more complicated experience in a 3D way in real-time and hand tracking.
  • In-app integrations with basic Microsoft functionality and even partnership with the third party.
  • Project immersion provide the meeting in a virtual room or working on 3D blueprints.

Get started with Microsoft Mesh app (Preview) | Microsoft Docs

 The Example Picture (Source: Microsoft)

What Device to Use for Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft HoloLens 2 image

 The Hololens Picture (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Hololens, which is a holographic device. And this is different from immersive device.

  • Holographic device: you can see digital contents in the physical world (like the scenes in Iron Man)
  • Immersive device: create a totally virtual world without physical boundaries.

Device types in the Mixed Reality spectrum

 The Picture of AR and VR lens (Source: Microsoft)


Metaverse is just starting and the topic is so hot now. However, the concept cannot be completed shortly. The lovers and the investors of Metaverse should be patient now and wait for more cool application appear!


Welcome to the new digital world.



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