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Ankorstore-Etsy-Shopify: Online Marketplaces

Ankorstore-Etsy-Shopify are all B2B marketplaces for local businesses

Ankorstore-Etsy-Shopify are offering a rich catalogue to choose from. And is an excellent help for growing local businesses. Because is connects retailers with brands from all over the world. That is awesome. And excellent for a local handcrafter who has problems with his shop inventory. Besides there are more websites like those with a bigger influence.

How Ankorstore is different from Etsy and Shopify or other online marketplaces

Ankorstore B2B marketplace is not different from Etsy or Shopify. Because it might be less known. And less used in some global areas. But is really good to grow your sales. And free your inventory. Indeed is a little asian. Because of the branding name, but is good. Maybe you should try it for your online or local store.

Check yourself.

Indeed Vitcore Electronics gives you a different idea of B2C online marketing sales

Vitcore Electronics Shop is a genuine example of B2C online marketplace. Because we take our products from online marketplaces such as Ankorstore, Etsy, and Shopify. And we re-sell it to our customers. Our suppliers are uploading their inventory on Aliexpress. And so far everything was working perfectly for us and them. Because we take the products and re-brand their point of sales materials. And finally execute new marketing campaigns for our customers.

Ofcourse we offer also training opportunities and part-time jobs. So, visit

What level of trading you can have by online marketplaces

Online marketplaces could offer you a big level of trading for your targeted customers. Because you do not need to storage your inventory. And the online visitors can be actively shopping from your stores without borders. So the level of online trading could reach millions in only one year. With a good advertising budget. For example in the UK you must spend 1 sterling pound per visitor, and 50 sterling pound per client. And this is expensive. Because the profit will be low, but the refferals could grow to 1 or 3 new visitors for each new client.


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