Amazon Complex E-Business Delivery Speed

Amazon Complex E-Business Delivery Speed

Amazon started as a listing website of old books. Following next years to invest in ebooks and kindle readers. And, many sellers saw an opportunity to list hardware furnitures, old computers, collectibles. So, the markerplace exploded with sellers and buyers from the entire United States. How they become so fast and performant in selecting the products from scams? Having scanners for detecting similar products SKUs.

Amazon complex community of sellers and buyers asked for new rules each year

The buyers and sellers from Amazon are so confident on this marketplace because they contributed in creating this community asking for new rules every new year. So, they asked for better products, safer payments, and faster delivery. And, the amazon directors and their CEO Jeff Besoz delivered what they asked.

The automations of their depots, and the performant scanners of their products

These are the most important developments from their business. Since, the payments were secured by the AWS cloud services, the biggest in the world, they also invested in their depots automations, hr training, and performant scanners for the products logistics.

The Amazon Apps are the best and rarely they fail

I tested their apps when I worked for a few weeks in the Amazon delivery system. And, I observed that their apps rarely failed. Mostly, the smartphones batteries went off, but the apps, and the internal customers services worked excellent in difficult situations. So, scanning 190 products per day for deliveries it was not easy, but I tried it and I was paid excellent.

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