AI: Understanding Human Attraction

Tokyo Joy Games

Vitcore Electronics Hub is a place where you could build AI software researchs, tests and developments. The story started in 2020 when we wrote our Safari& Guerilla market researchs in the Oxford city from the United Kingdom.

Our field researcher and author of this articles was feeling on his own feets what can people think when he looked from his researcher eyes to small groups of Young Urban Professionals, wich would be interested to collaborate, for similar end goal-purposes.

I was looking into brit small groups of friends, to understand their language semantic basin, games and laws of attraction, wich made them meeting together in similar spaces like Tokyo Joy Games.

Alin-Stefan Stan, Communications Specialist

Vitcore Electronics Hub is a place where your professional identity is safe like as all the Young Urban Professionals we directly observed in the last 2 years.

Next steps for Vitcore Electronics Hub is to create a place where we can test our AI software ideas and games based on real human attraction laws without fake profiles or fake names.

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