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My Affiliate Marketing Internship

Mohammad Furqan 2021 Intern Vitcore Marketing Team Internship
Mohammad Furqan 2021 Intern Vitcore Marketing Team

I have started my career in affiliate marketing at Vitcore Electronics. Of course, it is a start up. And I will be happy with it. Because working here is a new chapter. Indeed I see it as awesome. Clearly as an amazing learning opportunity. And I like the team led by Stefan. Hence Stefan has created a helpful and endeavored space for me. So he has helped me. And I have learned new skills. Surely grown in my career.

I am grateful for being part of this journey since 2021. Indeed the retail internship T-planning is for a period of six months. Surely, I want more. And transforming myself from a novice to a Master Marketing Professional.

About the retail learning campaigns

The retail internship involves some home based roles. Indeed, executing relevant social media touchpoints. And, creating marketing campaigns for the Ecommerce websites and blogs. So the main responsibility includes posting by the social media. Additionally, writing sale articles on the blogs. And learning to create viral marketing with proven scenarios.

The internship has set monthly targets. And they need to be achieved to excel in the role. At every stage, Stefan helps me in maximizing the output.

Learning Journey

I am receiving SaaS learning support. Including learning on Microsoft Teams, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Discord. Further I am also receiving earning support. I have learned to create wiki pages on Microsoft Teams. And I also share my work with the team. By tagging them on Teams. Obviously, this helps in sharing ideas. And makes learning more fun. Further, I am learning SEO. And publishing articles on websites. Of course, Stefan has taught me extremely well. Making me confident about a marketing career.


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