49 Cryptocurrency Gold List from Binance

Which cryptocurrency is the best for investing now in 2022

Amazing deal for investments. This is my Gold LIST: 49 Cryptocurrency Gold List from Binance! I have analysed over 500 cryptocurrency coins and tokens and I have written 49 choices for investing now and during the year 2022. Which are the cryptocurrency I have selected from Binance. Register to Binance Pro for trading them easily.

  1. AAVE
  2. COM (Compound)
  3. LTC (Litecoin)
  4. SOL (Solana)
  5. FARM (Harvest Finance)
  6. LUNA (Terra)
  7. AVAX (Avalanche)
  8. HNT (Helium)
  9. DOT (Polkadot)
  10. ENS (Ethereum Name Service)
  11. LINK (ChainLink)
  12. PYR (Vulcan Forged PYR)
  13. UNI (Uniswap)
  14. XVS (Venus)
  15. BADGER (Badger DAO)
  16. WING (Wing Token)
  17. XTZ (Tezos)
  18. SAND (The Sandbox)
  19. YGG (Yeld Guild Games)
  20. MBOX (Mobox)
  21. CRV (Curve)
  22. MANA (Decentraland)
  23. IMX (Immutable X)
  24. XNO (Nano)
  25. GMT (Green Metaverse)
  26. AGLD (Adventure Gold)
  27. POLS (Polkastarter)
  28. FTM (Fantom)
  29. ENJ (Enjin Coin)
  30. MATIC (Polygon)
  31. GALA (Gala)
  32. REQ (Request Network)
  33. FLM (Flamingo)
  34. TRU (TrueFi)
  35. XLM (Stellar Lumens)
  36. SKL (SKALE Network)
  37. BLZ (Bluzelle)
  38. CFX (Conflux Network)
  39. ZIL (Zilliqa)
  40. ONE (Harmony)
  41. IDEX (IDEX)
  42. ASTR (Astar)
  43. TVK (Terra Virtua)
  44. T (Threshold Network)
  45. TLM (Alien Worlds)
  46. VET (VeChain)
  47. PEOPLE (Constitution DAO)
  48. RVN (Ravencoin)
  49. IRIS (IRISnet)

When is the best to buy them and how

The key to success in trading cryptocurrency is the recurrent payment option. Many crypto swap apps use it. And Binance is for sure the best in the world. But not all crypto coins and tokens can be bought with this option. So, you must respect the line strategy of diversity and switch to Binance Pro for trading them. Good luck!


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